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Alexandra Bodnarchuk

Alexandra Bodnarchuk

Artistic Category Artist
Career Level Emerging
Experienced With Collaboration, Performances, Teaching engagements

  I am a dancer and a passionate creator of movement based performance work.  I hold a BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography from Ohio University ’12. Over the course of my fours years at Ohio University, I stepped into a different world, immersing myself in the study of modern, post-modern and African dance, improvisation, dance history and choreography. I developed my own voice that is grounded in a strong ballet background, expanded through the study of folk dance and matured in the study of modern and post-modern dance.

My choreographic style uses structured improvisation, a resilient use of weight, repetition, an airy use of space to define the landscape of the piece, and a theme or loose narrative to develop the piece. Dance and movement allow me to physically understand the wide range of human emotion. My choreography comes from the work of taking an emotion, paring it down to key words and phrases that I then translate into movement. Through the use of choreographic techniques, I manipulate the steps and original phrases to create a piece that is honest and intimate.

Even though my choreography stems from an emotional root, I do not force it onto the dancers or the movement.  The process of creating the work is twofold: it is the time when I develop the physical movement, but also when the dancers develop their own intention in the movement.  Through creative discussions, they come to realize what they personally bring to the work and how that compliments the overall intention of the piece. It is the simple, yet personal nature of my work that affords the dancers the ability to access a deep personal mental space every time they perform the piece. 

Steel City native and current resident, Alexandra Bodnarchuk, is a dance artist currently choreographing CONNOTATIONS: unknown, a work based on her experience as an actor in Bricolage’s STRATA (2012).  Her STRATA performance was described as having ‘a great sense of the subtle gestures necessary to experience the intimacy of a slow dance’ which ‘is why the Infinity Room was so effective’*.  She is very excited to be creating this work alongside many talented local dancers, artists and musicians, and looks forward to the premiere in Spring 2014.  Alexandra has worked with Pittsburgh-based Attack Theatre in such capacities as: Intern, Teaching Partner, Special Assistant to the creative process (Soap Opera), dancer (The Dirty Ball) and most recently, Costume Assistant (Chalk Line ‘13). This past summer she had the pleasure of attending the Bates Dance Festival for the second time, studying under Nancy Stark Smith, Kathleen Hermesdorf and Bridgman | Packer Dance. Past BDF instructors include Carl Flink, Rachel List and Shonach Mirk-Robles.  Alexandra is a cum laude graduate of Ohio University ‘12 with a B.F.A. in Dance Performance and Choreography and a B.A. in French. 


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15237

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