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Anders Anderson

Anders Anderson

Artistic Category Artist
Career Level Professional
Experienced With Commissions, Public art

Artist statement:

As an artist and sculptor, I work with constructions in a spatial environment building with a grammar of visual language. My goal is a dynamic, challenging and resolved form that stands on its own.  Some works articulate ideas as a byproduct of their structure. To me, a work is successful if it is not fully understood at initial inspection but rather invites study and reflection and can maintain interest over time. I use materials that are found or fabricated but it is important to me that the identity of any component is lost to the perception of the whole.

Just any thing is not art.  The term “Art” deserves a special meaning, one that takes it out of the realm of the easy, the banal and the ordinary.  Art should be special; a state of awareness, of learning, involvement, beauty or transcendence. Seeking that transcendental experience that the best art creates is a fundamental human desire that people seek to fulfill through music, expressive movement, visual encounters and other sensory experiences.  An Artist applies great discipline and skill manipulating tools to create work that speaks to universal truths.




Anders Anderson

Red Clay Tile Works and studio

75 Meade Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15202

(412) 734-2222



University of Cincinnati – Industrial Design

Art Students League of New York

Kent State University – BFA sculpture and metalsmithing

Penland School of Crafts - Metal

Operated Weathervane Forge 1974-1980

Operated Red Clay Tile Works since 1980 thru present

Red Clay Studio (Sculpture) 2005 - present

Private and public commissions continuously



Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15202
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  • Craft
  • Mixed-media
  • Public Art
  • Sculpture


  • Abstract
  • Analog
  • Carving
  • Ceramic
  • Clay
  • Figurative
  • Metal
  • Modern
  • Mosaic
  • Mural
  • Representational
  • Traditional
  • Wood