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Annie Weidman

Annie Weidman

Artistic Category Artist
Career Level Emerging
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My work challenges viewers to consider our modern world of disposable, convenient, man-made materials and re-imagine these materials as objects which have been produced for centuries, of traditional design and expert craftsmanship, objects that people have surrounded themselves with throughout time for beauty and comfort. 

 The carpet series, which I entitled Concrete Comfort, incorporates age-old traditional images from carpets and mosaics using discarded food boxes, the materials at hand in our throw-away culture, to create objects of beauty.

This series was partly inspired by my recent travels in India. I found people in the cities living in every possible location: traffic circles, sidewalks, median strips, abandoned parking lots. All were strewn underfoot with the detritus of the modern world, often having the effect of colorful confetti long after the end of the parade. These images were juxtaposed with visits to silk and wool carpet studios and marble inlay studios. These studios created traditional works of sublime beauty, requiring both time and expert craftsmanship, objects which will last more than a lifetime.

The figurative works are inspired from images in illuminated manuscripts and paintings from the 17th century.

Even in our rushing trash filled world, I can re-imagine traditional works of art and crafts, and recreate those items which give us comfort and beauty.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15217
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  • Cut paper
  • Textile
  • Found object


  • Cardboard
  • Collage
  • Cut Paper
  • Mosaic
  • Paper
  • Recycling /green
  • Traditional