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Cpx3 (Chon Pirategang Prince Pryor)

Cpx3 (Chon Pirategang Prince Pryor)

Artistic Category Artist
Career Level Professional
Experienced With Teaching engagements, Speaking engagements, Public art, Performances, Lectures, For-hire services, Commissions, Collaboration
One listen to any of my songs and you get a sense of connection instantly. I has a plethora of stories and experiences that I pull from, to help makemy passion evident and relatable to every person from every walk of life. I move into an alternate reality of sorts when he performs and draws you in as he sits you down and rides you off on a journey throughout my life. I Love music, I Love the beauty of creation and how it can connect us all.

Honesty, a calm demeanor, and Army certified leadership are what make Chon #PirateGangPrince Pryor, an essential part of the revolutionary sound that is PirateGang (Pittsburgh Music). A hip-hop artist sailing from the North Side of Pittsburgh PA, with over a decade’s worth of experience, Chon’s style of street poetry and military-infused practice disciplines give him a twisted edge. When it comes to his creative process, he takes into consideration the works of his favorites including Bob Marley, Soja, Jay Z, Drake, Lil Wayne and his Hip Hop heroes/rap icons 2Pac & Eminem.


Their genuine lyrics, Business sense and passion are a standard that Chon personally holds himself up to, weaving his own life experiences into his music and making sure it stays equally true to his own life. This all started with his two major childhood influences; a brother with a home studio who gave him a chance to express himself and a junior-high friend who shared with Chon his raw, in-depth poetry. From there, he’s performed live more times than memory serves, stating his best experiences were not only performing with his group turned family known as PirateGang (which consist of Devin West, Envy Siren, Lando Ash, PGBree and is in collaboration with Virgboogi Designs, KeepThePeace, Original Telegenic Productions, ArtHouse Multimedia Production Co. and 1156 ElevenFiftySix) but also receiving praise from children to the elderly and using his words to help people experience true human emotion, the defining moment of his professional career.


Chon also proudly has served his community, with volunteer experiences like the Pittsburgh Project and the Children’s Museum. He is a Commodore aka Perry Traditional Academy Alumni, several years at CCAC and Clarion University, and has served in the Army. Some of his other interests include exercising, martial arts, video gaming, meditating, staying positive, and reading. All and all, he wishes to be able to accomplish the personal goal of helping other artists with his kind of ambition and love of creation to reach their goals. Now Chairman of PGENT, LLC (People. Inspiring. Real. Aspirations. To. Experience . Greatness. Approaching. Newer. Generations. Entertainment) his goal is to spread good vibes through creation and dive head first into the entertainment industry.




Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania 15214


  • Poetry
  • Hip Hop
  • Fusion
  • Sound / Audio
  • Social Practice / Civic Engagement
  • Performance


  • Abstract
  • Alternative
  • Electronic
  • Experimental
  • Expressionist
  • New media
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  • Spiritual/Religious