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Carlos F. Peterson

Carlos F. Peterson

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When city hall razed the Lower Hill District in 1955, for the sake of one civic auditorium, displaced people had no other option but to grieve and claim the 28 acres and the loss of its deep-rooted culture as part of themselves.

While most of my art resulted from the destruction of the Hill District’s Crawford/Roberts Street area during the early 1980s, metaphorically, it's about my childhood experience on the Lower Hill District during its demise. As a child witness to the destruction, I address that issue on a personal level. 

Memorable artifacts reflect a personal connection to each place, but the crowded and lopsided objects are not necessarily about a particular neighborhood. My work does not represent the past as such but is reflective of the ongoing anxiety that resulted from it. 

Prior to starting his own firm, Carlos F. Peterson Technical Art, Mr. Peterson was an architectural draftsman and award-winning illustrator in the steel engineering industry. Now retired, Mr. Peterson is currently writing a memoir addressing his family's experience with urban redevelopment on Pittsburgh's Lower Hill District. Mr. Peterson’s artwork has been exhibited throughout the Pittsburgh area. He has received juror’s awards for his work in numerous local exhibitions and purchase awards for drawing and painting at the Atlanta Life Insurance African American National Art Exhibition in Atlanta Georgia.



Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15202
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