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jason sauer

jason sauer

Artistic Category artist

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Career Level Professional
Experienced With For-hire services, Commissions, Collaboration, Leading workshops, Lectures, Public art, Speaking engagements, Teaching engagements

I am a "Pittsburgh 40 Under 40" winner, gallery owner, and demolition derby champion, who uses painting to address an old idea: the nature of American identity. I juxtapose nudes with custom-cut painted metal to explore this theme. I have a Master’s degree in fine art, with a focus on Printmaking including the dying art form of Stone Lithography. Metal from my demolition derby cars, oil pastels, paint, and printmaking are all part of my three dimensional artworks. I choose an image to influence the process, develop the idea of what I am feeling and create a new image. I find the relationship between the twisted metal and the printed material best express my vision. 


I use the demolition derby as my personal American identity. The entire process is a form of folk art for me.  Each year since 1995, a car is chosen, painted , taken on tour, and displayed at the art gallery I own and operate in Pittsburgh, Most Wanted Fine Art.  Over the Labor Day holiday, I enter it in the Great Stoneboro Fair, in Mercer County. The demolition derby its self sells out each year to roughly 6,000 people.  I drive the painted car and smash it into other participating cars then use its pieces in other works that usually center around love letters from home. I find this folk/performance art to be a reflection of “love relationships”. A reminder of Death is a reminder of Love.

I own Most Wanted Fine Art an Art Gallery in Pittsburgh Pa. For more professional details please contact me directly.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15224



  • Drawing
  • Found object
  • Mixed-media
  • Painting
  • Printmaking
  • Public Art
  • Sculpture
  • Social Practice / Civic Engagement


  • Acrylic
  • Acrylic paint
  • Appropriation
  • Assemblage
  • Collage
  • Conceptual
  • Folk
  • Metal
  • Pop
  • Recycling /green
  • Silkscreen