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John Moyer

John Moyer

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There is a permanent exhibit of my work on display at the Summerset at Frick Community Center, 1435 Parkview Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15217. There is also a book of photos called "Nine Mile Run: A Photographic Essay" available upon request. Originally self-published in 2008, the book documents the restoration and recovery of the stream and wetland ecosystem. Two of my photographs are due to be published in the summer of 2014 in a new book on sustainability which includes a chapter on the Nine Mile Run Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration project. I have performed commission work for landscape architects in 2015. I've also had a photograph published in a graduate-level textbook on urban sustainability in 2015. Another book on sustainability "Pathways to Our Sustainable Future: A Global Perspective from Pittsburgh" by Patricia DeMarco, Ph.D. will be using my photos in September 2017. My photography has also been used for permanent signage in Frick Park by the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy in conjunction with the City of Pittsburgh and the Nine Mile Run Watershed Association.

Career Level Mid-career
Experienced With Public art, Commissions

I had gone to college, graduated, and became disillusioned with the 9 to 5 world. I unhappily held many part-time jobs and continued to press on to search for something that worked for me. Drawing was one more medium I had attempted, and felt like something from the depths of my soul. However, the drawing began to feel burdensome, and I struggled with each piece, eventually needing to stop. That was a particularly painful loss. I was not going to be that kind of an artist, if I was one at all. I was begining to lose hope. I went back to graduate school in 1995 to earn a meaningful degree that I could use. I finally got a fulltime job with benefits. During this time, I received a cheap little plastic digital camera with a laptop in November 1999. I was still drawing and had begun to experiment with that little cheap camera. Initially, I documented my drawings with it and occasionally took it with me on walks to document changes in my urban neighborhood. The camera wasn't much more than a plastic toy. Within a year or so, I decided to buy a better digital camera and took that one with me on all of my walks. Taking pictures became a regular habit, though still merely a fun hobby. I began to use photography itself as an expressive medium after 9/11. My walks increased as a way to help cope with the shift of worldview caused by that event. More than ever, the photography grew to be a major part in my process of dealing with the world.  In 2003, my brother's psychiatric problems forced me to make some hard choices. I wanted to live by a large park so that I could continue my walks in a more wooded area like the one where I grew up. I found an apartment a few blocks away from the largest park in my city and took my camera with me on my now daily walks into the woods. As luck would have it, a major stream/ecosystem restoration project was starting right in the middle of this large urban park. (Think of a small New York Central Park.) Documenting the project felt like a perfect fit. I began to send the nicer shots as a gift to the organization that was educating the public about the  restoration project and the environmental/ecological reasons behind it. They seemed appreciative, as no one else had been documenting their work. My photos have since been used for many of their publications and a few were eventually published in Civil Engineering Magazine in October 2006. I've since been selling large prints of the newly restored stream area and have become known as a "nature" photographer in the city. I initially felt insulted by the label because I felt that I was more than a "nature" photographer all along. I have come to accept this as a way for people to place me in their minds. "Oh, he's the "nature" photographer." Others know me simply as a photographer. A few know me better as a psychotherapist dealing with a darker side of childhood and adolescence. I hesitated to include people in my work because I work so closely with them, and I usually use my photography as a way of maintaining a boundary between my work and the rest of my personal life. I had been given the chance to use photography to make my own emotional explorations through intimate moments with children and adolescents. My work on the stream restoration project has brought me some recognition in the world of civil engineering and lanscape architecture as well as environmental issues. Landscape Architecture Magazine published 11 of my photos in November 2007 on the stream restoration project.  Several of my photos have been used to promote a national environmental convention held in Pittsburgh sponsored by the Land Trust Alliance in 2007.  Much of my work has since been used to promote green infrastructure and sustainability issues, and used by the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy for permanent signage in Frick Park as recent as 2017. I am a credited photographer on the PBS documentary "Liquid Assets: the story of our water infrastructure."  The New York Times on line has used a photograph of the Nine Mile Run Watershed Restoration Project in January 2010 in a series called Documenting the Decade.  The Pittsburgh Quarterly used my photo for the cover of their Winter 2013 issue, and a full page photograph, and three others in their Summer 2013 issue. In August 2013, a permanent display of my work was installed above the Nine Mile Run stream in the Summerset at Frick Community Center, 1425 Parkview Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15217. In summary, my work tends to be recognized by academics and professionals interested in restoring the environment and issues related to sustainability and "green" infrastructure.

John Moyer, M. Ed., LPC

117 VIP Drive, Suite 310

Wexford, PA 15090

724-934-3905; fax 724-934-3906

Curriculum Vitae





6/12 – Present

Licensed Professional Counselor  

Private Practice.


9/04  12/12
Licensed Psychotherapist

New Directions Counseling




Family Resources of PA

Sewickley, PA




Pittsburgh, PA

Interview and assess candidates for outpatient psychotherapy services, most referred by county children’s protection services. Write assessments and treatment plans in a timely manner. Conduct psychotherapytreatment sessions with children and adults (both individual and family sessions) who carry a psychiatric diagnosis and with a history as a victim or perpetrator of physical or sexual abuse. Also facilitate a weekly adult male Sex Offenders Group, and a weekly group for (Non-Offending) parents of children who have been physically or sexually abused or who have sexually acted out.


9/97 - 9/04
Mobile Therapist Supervisor

& Behavior Specialist Consultant

Mercy Behavioral Health

Pittsburgh, PA

Supervised up to 10 Mobile Therapists and Therapeutic Support Staff in a Wraparound Program (BHRS)focusing on behavioral strategies for parents and their children. Performed clinical work as well as many administrative duties from conducting new employee interviews and training to completing payroll.


4/96 - 9/97
Child Development Specialist

The Bradley Center

Pittsburgh, PA

Assisted in maintaining a structured therapeutic environment at a Residential Treatment Facility for children with psychiatric disorders




Encourages others to focus on strengths and successes. 
Engages well with both childr
en and adults, particularly in emotionally difficult situations.
Demonstrates c
reative and administrative organizational skills.

Stays informed of the latest research regarding victims and perpetrators of sexual abuse.
Works well with a team or 
as a self-motivated individual with minimal supervision.

Enjoys working with new technology and is involved in the community.




9/95 - 5/97

University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA

Masters in Education (M. Ed.)

Psychology in Education - Counseling
3.85 Grade Point Average


9/78 -12/82                                       University of Wisconsin  Madison                              Madison, WI

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Journalism & Advertising




Licensed Professional Counselor(LPC) State of Pennsylvania 11/02 to Present
Nationally Certified Counselor, (NCC) 10/98 to Present
State Certified School Counselor, Pennsylvania 5/97 to 5/03




Allegheny County Sex Offender Management and Containment Task Force  8/07 to present

Alateen Sponsor - 9/02 to 5/16
Nine Mile Run Watershed Association - Member 5/05 to present

Permanent display of my work installed above the Nine Mile Run stream in the Summerset at Frick Community Center, 1425 Parkview Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15217. - 8/13




Chi Sigma Iota
International Honor Society 4/97 to 4/98
American Counseling Association 5/96 to 5/06
American Psychotherapy Association 12/02 to 12/04




Digital Photography  sold framed & matted prints of my work in shows and sold digital images via the internet to corporate clients. Also donate digital photographs to non-profit organizations.




The Pittsburgh Quarterly - full page photo - "A Natural Playground" Frick Park article -Summer 2013

The Pittsburgh Quarterly - Cover - Winter 2013

Nine Mile Run: An Essay in Photographs - self-published 2008

Landscape Architecture Magazine, November 2007 11 color photos

Civil Engineering Magazine, October 2006 2 color photos

J.P. Morgan Investment Portfolio Annual Report, Cover 2006 - B&W photo.
Western Pennsylvania History - The John Heinz History Center Magazine
, Spring Edition 2006, 
5 color photos.

The NewYork Times on line - Documenting the  Decade - January 1, 2010.
Nine Mile Ru
n Watershed Association 2004 – 2017

Citizen's Guide 2004 - 2 B&W and 2 Color Photos.
Donated thousands of photos to the Nine Mile Run Watershed Association- documenting the stream restorationproject from 3/04 to 6/06, and for use on their website, annual reports, newsletters, calendars, and public presentations

In August 2013, a permanent display of my work was installed above the Nine Mile Run stream in the Summerset at Frick Community Center, 1425 Parkview Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15217. In 2015 I was commissioned by landscape architects to document their work at The East Liberty Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh. I also published a photograph in a graduate-level textbook on sustainability in 2015, and another book by Paricia DeMarco Ph.D. In 2017, and my work has also been used on permanent signage in Frick Park by the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy.




Certified in CPR 5/06
Training in various forms of
 psychotherapeutic interventions such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Family Systems Therapy, particularly with victims of physical and sexual abuse and sex offenders.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15221


  • Light
  • Internet
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Essay
  • Poetry
  • Social Practice / Civic Engagement


  • Digital
  • Digital painting
  • Documentary
  • Internet
  • Land/earth
  • Nature
  • Recycling /green
  • Still life
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