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Jonathan Chamberlain

Jonathan Chamberlain

Artistic Category Artist
Career Level Professional
Experienced With Collaboration, Commissions, For-hire services, Leading workshops, Lectures, Performances, Speaking engagements, Teaching engagements, Public art

Why does an image resonate with a particular group? I am interested in how the direction of the Pop idiom is continually evolving – a careful investigation into familiarity, stickiness, and consumerism. I make artwork and make music. Their language and content have continual overlap in subject matter and my approach to artmaking.

My background is in printmaking, and the character of Print enters into my work through misprinted scraps, off-register packaging, and flaws in editions. I have learned to look at graphics in layers. As loose as this may seem, my paintings are tightly composed, methodically built, and self-contained. They also rely heavily on context. I think in terms of albums rather than hit songs, and find that painting requires the same patience and breadth of focus.

Fueled by a love of American design and culture, my work captures a spirit of our collective past while dealing with the schizophrenic pluralism of the present. My paintings maintain a genuine charm, yet retain a playful detachment. My solutions to pressing contemporary issues look less like manifestoes, and more like a person arranging bottlecaps or their album covers by color.

Developing fresh approaches to visual convention, I equally appropriate cultural ephemera as riff off of retro design motifs. The distinction between high and low culture or materials is not as pivotal to Pop anymore, and is also not fundamental to my work.

I enjoy the idea of writing a sentence composed all of my favorite words, arranged in a manner that would make sense when you read it. If I start to lose hope, I just remember that The Beatles, for all intents and purposes, recorded “All You Need Is Love” during a live global telecast, in only one take.

Jonathan Chamberlain is a Pittsburgh-based artist and freelance painting contractor, with projects that range from painting murals, domestic interiors, and business spaces.

As an artist, he works within the Pop idiom. Chamberlain’s artworks maintain a genuine charm, yet retain a playful detachment. He riffs on retro design motifs and appropriates cultural ephemera, while developing fresh approaches to visual convention. His compositions are meant to slow the eye and hold the viewer's attention.

Chamberlain has exhibited nationally, most recently at SPACE and Concept Galleries in Pittsburgh.  He holds an MA and an MFA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and completed his undergraduate work at The Pennsylvania State University.  He performs with the band Delicious Pastries.



Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15212
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  • Drawing
  • Found object
  • Illustration
  • Installation
  • Mixed-media
  • Painting
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture
  • Video
  • Performance
  • Public Art


  • Acrylic
  • Latex
  • Pop
  • Mural
  • Silkscreen