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Patria Photography

Patria Photography

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Diana D’Agostino is a self-taught food and product photographer and artist from Pittsburgh, PA, with a love of good food, vibrant photography, and telling stories. A passionate advocate of positive representation and acceptance for diverse groups of individuals, Diana’s signature style of transforming food products into colourful portraits of the LGBTQ+ and global communities was inspired by a desire to celebrate and give a voice to these identities, using a medium emotionally significant to the viewer and familiar to a wider audience. Diana is available for work on commission; a complete portfolio of her work is available on her website.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15243
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  • Photography
  • Other
  • Mixed-media


  • Biographical
  • Cultural
  • Documentary
  • Feminist
  • Mosaic
  • Narrative
  • New media
  • Organic
  • Other
  • Representational