Work Sample

Gouache on archival digital print/ Hahnemühle paper, 72” x 132”. Angels derived from School of Muhammed Siyâh-Qalam illumination. Tabrîz, c.1478-90. Library of the Topkapì Sarayì Museum, Istanbul. H. 2153,fol. 5v. Whether benign or malignant, cars, jeeps, tanks and humvees have come to embody the machismo that both feeds and entraps so many abuses of power. The intertwining of death and renewal recurs in the “Horsepower Hubris” series that focuses on vehicles of violence. The angels in “Stretch” are derived from an illustration for Nizâmi’s “Tale of the Turquoise Pavilion,” where they struggle with a seven-headed dragon in an allegory of the soul’s journey through the lower world. In “Stretch,” the dragon is replaced by the charred remains of an impossible stretch limousine, pieced from sections of multiple bombed cars. The angels must deal with the proliferation and aftermath of violence.

Date: 01/01/2009
Dimensions: 72 x 132 inches