Work Sample

The series of five works is a meditation on the dreams and realities of revolution, based on photographs I took in Alexandria, Egypt, shortly after January 25, 2011. The ibises painted in gouache strut and peck amidst piles of rubble destined for landfill, perhaps oblivious to the upheaval, simply going about their business. The ibis often appears as the head of Thoth, whose mythological powers might offer the logic and intelligence necessary to build a new nation. It is reputed to have warded off invasions of serpents. Perhaps it might protect again — against backsliding, a substitute tyranny, or other kinds of invasions. Springtime in Alexandria invokes a season of hope that has become a climate of bitter realities. What sustenance might a bird or any living being, ordinary or sacred, derive from a ransacked economy, from rubble of an order that was far from universal, from justice twisted and denied? The ibis often appears as the head of Thoth, representing intelligence and logos and also symbolizing protection against invading serpents. In these works, the ibis pecks and struts amidst the rubble, reintroducing vitality and hope for more than survival.

Date: 01/01/2011
Dimensions: 26.5 x 21 inches each