Work Sample

Screenprints on Stonehenge paper, 22” x 30” each. Printed at Artists Image Resource, Pittsburgh. This series extends a body of work that portrays mattresses, pillows or cushions, typically soft (and by association, female) objects and sites that are both functional and sentimental. The respite they normally provide is disrupted through bifurcation, punctures, amputations and other acts infused with ideological zealotry, violent or amorous passion. (Re)setting Sights suggests just that — a reconsideration of our targets, both metaphorical and real. Would that our aim inspire rather than inflict, nurture rather than annihilate, and question its truth. In layering several modes of representation, "(Re)setting Sights" also injects doubts about its own claims. Artifice lies upon artifice with hand-drawn observations etched by Albrecht Durer, photographed and screened onto real pillowcases, re-photographed, digitally manipulated and combined with hovering reticles and simulated impacts. Perhaps these multiple and contradictory deceptions, like double negatives, can still convey or assert a reality, like an aim, that is too true.

Date: 04/03/2014
Dimensions: 27 1/2” x 35 3/4 each framed